Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Major's Boys Town Research Day

So Major was selected to be part of a study at Boys Town Research Hospital awhile back. He was to be part of the control group. It is an ongoing, 3 year study pertaining to hearing loss. He is one of the participants that can hear....though it is selective hearing. :-)

The first time we went it was supposed to take 3 hours. I didn't ask if there was compensation, and they didn't say....but I was going because I felt that research was important to health of others...though I was hoping that there would be SOME compensation considering I was dragging the kids around all over Omaha. But...I was willing to accept if there were not. Turns out...there is comensation....$15 an hour. I can handle that....PLUS we are helping research.

Anyway...Major did fairly well. They took the first hour or so to get to know him so that he would open up to them and not be scared. Major doesn't scare too easily though....he just runs over anyone who gets in his way. Then...through playing they asked him questions using toys. Then they started bribing him with toys. If you say this...then I will give you this...etc. He did really good for the first couple hours. He even had the actual hearing test done...with the beeps...and he did great. But after two hours...he started to melt down a bit. We started bribing with snacks at that point....but he was jut done....

So, they paid me for two hours and set up an appointment for the following week to get that last hour in.

They did get a kick out of him though. They said he is full of character. My response? You have NO idea how much character he is full of! They enjoyed how he says Cracker. They would say, "Say cracker Major...and you can have it."


They thought that was pretty cute. The boys think that is funny and try to get him to say it all the time! Naughty boys!

They also enjoyed his pronounciation of his name. They said,
"Say Major."


So funny! He used to call him self Bubba because I have always called him Bubba Gump (don't ask), but now he is calling himself Mator! So, now I have been calling him Tomater! He doesn't like that though! :-(

So...the second week we went...he was just getting over being sick...kids aren't very cooperative when they are coming off of an illness. He did not want to work with them at all. He was very disobedient. They would tell him to throw the ball at them and he would toss it the other direction just in spite of them. He was naughty. But...somehow they managed to get everything they needed. It did take longer than the hour though, so I got compensated a little bit more.

Now he will be seen every year on his birthday for the next three years. If you are local and you would like your child to participate, let me know...I can hook you up with them. I know they are looking for more kids!!!

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