Saturday, April 24, 2010

What did Samantha and Major do now???

Last week was FULL of THINGS to do! One thing after another it seemed.

Monday Night: Summer hockey
Tuesday Night: Parent Meeting for Kindergarten baby girl will be going to Kindergarten next year and yes we DID
decide to send her instead of homeschool her like we did the boys....
So even though I have two older children, I have never sent any to this is a first for me! :-(
Also Tuesday Night: The boys started LaCrosse. Two different teams, two different practices,
two different times....very buys daddy! Deana watched Maj and Kenna for
me that night.
Wednesday Night: Parent Meeting for 5th graders. That is a whole different post! Allyson
watched Kenna and Maj for me.
Thursday Night: Susan G. Komen Pink Party with my sister
Friday Night: Family night (MaKenna's turn)

And this is just the night time events!!! The days were packed too!!! Mops...piano lessons, other appointments....and Major's Boys Town research event....another post.
Anyway....for now...we will focus on Wednesday night and what Samantha and Major got themselves into! Samantha is Allyson's 2 year old. A few months older than Major. She is the little girl that I babysit on Wednesdays.

We were in the living room...we heard the toilet flush. Not a big deal...we had 3 potty trained kids in the house...and 1 potty training kid. Then we heard it flush again...and again. Hmm...maybe we should check. This is what we found:

They look a little GUILTY don't they???????

Every bath toy in the toilet! Luckily they were all too big to be flushed....but, to top things off...they had filled water guns with toilet water and were spraying eachother...they were both SOAKING wet!!

Allyson said, "Samantha has NEVER done anything like this must be Major."
I said, "WHAT? Major has NEVER done anything like that either!"

I did forget about the kitty being thrown into the toilet.... is the two of them together...I guess we learned that you can't put two 2 year olds together without SOMETHING being "thought up"!

Needless to say, they DID both get baths!

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