Saturday, April 24, 2010

Thursday Night Pink Party

So Thursday night I went to Putting on the Pink party with my sister. Susan G. Komen put it on. It was for anyone to attend...but Rhonda and I got to go for free (the cost is usually $25 a person), because Rhonda was being honored as one of the something like 15 people, who raised over $1,000 for the Race for the Cure this past year!! She got a corsage and everything! We had a lot of fun....but not so much that we stayed the whole time. We went...we got our pictures taken....she was honored...we ate (catered by Upstream)....we drank (I, pink lemonade, her a pink martini)...we had dessert (that was yummy and VERY sinful)....and then we went to the mall which was across the street!!

We had a good time together though. It is on a very rare occastion that Rhonda and I can go do something with no kids or husbands around. We had a very nice, sisterly evening!!! Even though that one pink martini Rhonda had "warmed" her up a bit! :-)

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