Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Ice Cream Man

Major, Cam, MaKenna and I went on a bike ride this evening. I still have Major on the back of my bike. We heard the ice cream man...Major said,
"What dat Mamma?"

I said, "What's what honey?"

He replies, "Ding, ding...ding ding."

Very cute!

On a side note...he fell the other day riding his tricycle a little too fast in the culdesac. He skinned his knee. This was last Friday. He says...a minimum of 5 times a day, "I falled a bike" Yes honey...I know you fell on your bike. We could be going potty and he will say, "Mommy...I falled a bike." Yes honey...I know....speaking of which he stayed in big boy undies ALL day today with no accidents!!! Yippee!!

Anyway....so while we were riding tonight...anytime I hit a pothole or swerved a little bit Major would go, "Ahh...mommy...wat out....no fall a bike!" Such a cutie!

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