Sunday, April 11, 2010

Turkey Hunting

Again...still no you will have to just imagine! :-)

Saturday Cam, Jake and Jeff headed out at 5am to go do some turkey hunting. It was the first day of the season, and they were itchin' to get out there. Around 10 am they were back. Jake had spent a majority of the morning in the weeds with diarrhea. He was scaring everything off. So they brought him home sicker than a dog. Poor thing. He is feeling much better today....but yesterday, not so much.

They left again after MaKenna and I got back from building a baseball game at Lowes. They didn't get home until around 5. They didn't get anything. Poor guys! They didn't get anything last year either...but the season goes until the end of they have time! As long as they do all the plucking, etc. OUTSIDE! We don't want a repeat of last years deer hunting escapade!

Today, we stayed home from church...Jake still wasn't feeling great this morning. So we are busy cleaning up the house....and resting.

On a very happy of Friday, I had lost 3 pounds this week! My official weigh in date isn't until Monday though...I am hoping for a total weight lost this week of 4 pounds! That is hard to do after the weekend though. Weekend is my splurge time! :-) But...with all the poopie I was smelling yesterday....I haven't splurged much this weekend!

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