Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break

What a great Spring Break so far!!! No camera. I did have my dad and Sister in law take pictures at Easter though...but I haven't downloaded them yet. I am SO behind....I haven't even downloaded pictures from dad's birthday like I said I would! Soon!! Soon! I promise!

Anyway....the weekend started out with Cam going to ride Sparks with dad and his cousin Shawn. Sparks hadn't been ridden very much this he was ready to go! They had a good time! I spent most of the day cleaning and baking for Easter the next day.

Sunday we went to church and after church Tini, Matt, Dixie and Tanner came over for lunch! We had a great time! Great food...great dessert....great company...great couldn't have asked for a better day! Around the time we started our Easter egg hunt, dad came over. The Easter egg hunt went great! Major still doesn't get it....but he did well!!! Saturday I had MaKenna stuffing the Easter eggs with all sort of they were excited to find those eggs!! Dixie and Tanner left after the hunt...and then dad, Tini and Matt, Jeff and I played a game of Scattegories! We had a lot of fun!! I love to play games....and it is just so much more fun when you play with adults!! I get sick of Candyland after awhile! :-) Then it was dinner time (like we needed to eat again...but it was a holiday) and more dessert! Then...I crashed. I was so pooped! We had a great day though! Everyone left around 7 or so.

Monday was the official start of Spring Break! I had a few extra kiddos! My nieces and nephew were here. So we had 7 kids! They had a blast playing together! We didn't do anything on Monday, but play. Tuesday I had a couple more extra. I had the Hofer I had a total of 9 kids. That was fun too! A BIT more chaotic because I had two 2 year olds instead of 1....but it went just fine! We played outside most of the day! Wednesday my sister stayed home, because I had to work at I didn't have the Flani's that day...but I did have the Chaudier girls! We all fit in the truck just perfect...all 6 of them and 1 of me! We made it to church....did our thing....then we went and got pizza...went to the bank...then off to home to eat said pizza! They had a good time again! 2 two year olds again....but I have little Sammie every we were used to that! Deana and her kids were supposed to come over...but little G broke his they were at the doctor getting a sling until the swelling went down so they could get a cast. Poor little G. MaKenna was going to stay the night at Syd's when Sam and Syd left...MaKenna went with. I lost one....I gained one. Just as they were pulling out....another car pulled in asking if he could play. It was of Jake's friends. Oh well...sure...come play...why not! So...I still had the normal 4 kids....just not all mine! That night after Nick left we took Maj to dad's house and Jeff and I took the other two boys to Zzzappp...and played a GREAT game of Lazer Tag! We had a GREAT time!! Believe it or not....Jake whooped us all!!!!! He is a good shot!!!!! Then we went and picked up Bubba Gump at dad's and splurged on some ice cream bars! Thanks daddy!!

Thursday I had to be at church again....I only had one kiddo with me though this time....why?? I got a call at 11 Wednesday night from momma Chaudier. MaKenna threw up. Great....luckily wasn't a virus...she was fine the rest of the night. She didn't eat much dinner and ate tons of treats. She just over did it! be safe, Jeff worked from home so we could make sure she was okay. Everyone else stayed except Jake. He came to "help" me. I was watching the Hofer girls again at church I wouldn't be home until 2ish. Jeff called around 11 and said, "I CAN'T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I CAN'T GET ANYTHING DONE!! I am bringing them in!" I felt like saying, "Welcome to my life...." but, I held my tongue. After all I took the hard one! Believe it or not...Jake is the hard one! Weird I know! Some might think Major is the hard one....sometimes he is...but typically if you just put an episode of the Wiggles won't have to worry about him. So...they got to church around 11:30, just as I was cleaning up because the mom's were coming to pick up their babes. I threw everyone into the play room and got all their lunches ready. Thank goodness I have a microwave in the nursery...Jeff sent FROZEN hot dogs in their lunches! :-) Anyway....we ate then we went on "Safari" around the church and outside. We had a great time!! After we left church, we went bowling! I am proud to say that I beat the pants off of them!! AND I even let Major bowl one of my frames!! I won at 130....Jake got second at 88 (he let Major bowl one of his frames too...he is pretty good), and MaKenna and Cam tied for 3rd at 77 points. I tell you though...I couldn't have painted my toes and my fingernails each time Kenna bowled waiting for that ball to reach the pins....but she did good! It was funny...Jake wanted bumpers....Cam did not. Jake didn't hardly use the bumpers and Cam did on almost every frame! Then we came home and enjoyed the rest of the evening with DVD's from the library!

Now today....I have the Flani's I have a total of 7 again....we are going to head to the library in a little while. Dad is going to come get Jake and Kayla so they can go to ride Sparks...then later this afternoon we are going to the Wildlife Safari!!! I am excited!! Hopefully it will go off without a hitch!

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