Saturday, April 3, 2010

From the mouths of babes.... today was a great...highly productive day! I DID get my workout in tonight...a light Denise Austin workout...but I didn't get the elliptical in. That is okay though because I cleaned the whole house AND went on a bike ride with the kids...AND played at the park with I didn't sweat like I do on the was still a workout.

In preparation for tomorrow...the house is extra table was pulled into our kitchen...I baked cookies...fudge...pudding pie...jelly jigglers (in shapes of bunnies and eggs...thanks for the free molds Super Saver!)...banana bread...and got the turkey out and thawing! In the meantime, Jeff was outside cleaning out the man shed. He pulled out 3 strollers, a high chair, a bouncer, two car seats and a few BIG toys. He said, "GET RID OF THEM!" I said, "But know what will happen if we get rid of everything." He said firmly..."NO!" all heard it hear first...unless he does something about is Murphy's Law...if we get rid of know. I cleaned all of those and I will take them to Re-Runs this week. just dawned on me...I wonder where the swing was? Oh well...we'll find it sometime. Maybe I gave it to someone. Who knows. Anyway....

Jeff went to take care of the horses before dinner, so the kids and I went on a bike ride to their school to play on the playground. Major LOVES to "ride" behind me, and the other three love riding too! MaKenna took a spill though thanks to all of the gravel laying around due to the snow and gravel trucks this winter....but she was fine...just scraped up a bit. At the playground Jake went into the preschool playground area that is fenced in. He said he never gets to go in there....gee...I wonder why...maybe because he isn't in preschool? He was quiet for a bit and I said, "Jake...what are you doing." He said, "Nothing...because that is what men do."

I couldn't have said it better myself baby doll..... :-)

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Lou said...

My hubby and I have been talking about getting rid of our baby stuff also. But we know the moment we do, surprise! So funny.... glad to hear we aren't total weirdos and other people think that way, too!