Saturday, April 24, 2010

5th Grade Parent Meeting

So...I go to this parent meeting for 5th grade parents. I am expecting it to be about what to expect in middle school next year.


Had I been would have maybe been different.

The topic was on Sex Ed. Apparently the 5th graders are doing that particular "health" topic in a couple weeks and wanted the parents to know EXACTLY what would be covered. Okay...I can handle that.

The parents of the boys went to one room and the parents of the girls to another and we watched the video that our children would be watching. Mr. Seger (Cam's teacher) said that he expected giggling from the boys...because after all they are only 11 and immature....he expected that from them....but that he would cease the giggling after awhile.

Apparently, I have learned....I am very immature!!!! This is surprising to me! I have catheterized women AND men before...I have done hernia name it...I've done why would seeing an animated penis on a tv screen make me giggle?????????

Don't worry...I didn't let anyone know that I was giggling! I held my jaw together SO tight that it hurt the rest of the night. Is it because I am it because I was ill it because the teacher said something about giggling?? Who knows....but it was an awful experience that only lasted 5 minutes....but it seemed like an eternity!

To make it worse...after showing the pictures (remember...this is for the boys' benefit on how their bodies are changing), they talk about erections. I truly almost lost it at that point!!!

Tsk, tsk Tonya!! What is wrong with you!!! You are 34 years old!!! My mom would be mortified!!

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