Sunday, April 11, 2010

Library and Wildlife Safari

Friday, dad came and got Jake and the other 6 of us headed to the library. You should have seen some of the looks I got. I got comments like, " have your hands full", and "Are they all yours." Goodness people...I know I have my hands full....and IF they were ALL mine...would it change your way of thinking? I don't think so. Anyway....Major managed to make the library experience "exciting" to say the least. We weren't there more than 15 minutes thanks to him. But...we all got our books, DVD's and CD's though before we had to leave.

After lunch Deana came over. I am one seat short in my Denali. Deana now owns my mom's old she has one extra seat. So, we did some seat swapping and off we went to the Wildlife Safari. Once there, we did more seat swapping so everyone could be with the friends they wanted to be with....I put Major on my lap, she put Nehemiah on her lap, and off we went through the safari. As soon as we saw the Elk, Major says, "Look Mommy...hosies!" I gently told him they weren't horses, they were elk. If you know Major you know he LOVES birds and has a fascination with he loved the swamp lands and the water area! When we saw the Bison though...again...he says, "Look Mommy....elfants!" Again, I gently told him, no honey...those are Bison not Elephants. I think I need to get him to the zoo more often! :-) In my defense, at our zoo, the elephants are on the other side of the zoo. We have a zoo pass, so we go for only an hour or at the most, two hours at a time...and we always seem to do the close things. I can't say that I have ever taken him over to the elephants. I guess I will have to do that.

After the Safari, we let everyone get out and play on the park equipment they had, and walk through the Aviary. Then we headed to see our horses. We have three horses that are housed at a friends acreage not far from the we stopped at the gas station to get everyone something to drink, then headed to the horses! Soon after, it was 5 and time to get home! It was a great day though...but a bit caotic! There were just 2 adults, Deana and I, with 11 kids. Whew....but we did an EXCELLENT JOB!! It was practice for this summer!!!

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