Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Cam had his 11th birthday party at ZZZapp!! this past Sunday night. He had tons of fun!! I don't have pictures yet though! My friend April was helping me at the party and she took the pictures with her camera....she just got back to Orlando this evening, so hopefully she will upload soon and I can post them! We had a REALLY great time! ZZZapp!! is a Lazer Tag place!! April and I went, and Cam and Jake, Cam's cousin Shawn and then Cam had 5 other friends there! We had such fun!

The night started with the first game of Lazer Tag! Cam picked another team captain and he and the other captain picked team members. I...ME...MOMMY was his FIRST pick!!! I was so floored! I figured I would be like the fat, nerdy kid that never gets picked...but I was FIRST!!! YIPPEE!! He DOES love me! Anyway, my code name was Tomcat...April was on my team too...we CREAMED the other team. April was the winner! Pretty good considering neither of us really knew what we were doing!

Then it was back to the "black light" room for pizza from Pizza Hut and drinks. After we ate, and everyone was done comparing scores, they took us back for ANOTHER game of Lazer Tag. This time it was free for all. April and I formed an alliance....those boys didn't know what they had comin'! We just obliterated them! April and I stayed on the bottom floor and got them from below when they least expected it. One kid, I followed around and hid behind walls when he turned around...he couldn't figure out why he kept getting shot! It was hilarious! We had a really good time! Great exersize too!

Then it was back to the room for cake. I had got Cam Hot Tamales out of the vending machine...his favorite candy! Then we opened presents...he got ALL BIONICLES! I have never seen anything like it. He must have told everyone that is all he wanted!

Then it was time to go home. I am so happy I had April there to help me with those rambunctious boys! We are definitely getting older though....April and I then got everyone to bed, sat on the couch, watched the Food Network and were both in bed by 10pm. PATHETIC!!!!!!

Last night, Cam took a couple of his Bionicles back because he had them and he was so excited to get a bigger, better Bionicle!!

He really enjoyed his ZZZappp!! time!!!! Thanks to all you who made it possible!

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