Thursday, January 21, 2010

Jake's fish

So the other day Major got ahold of the fish food and poured a full container into the fish tank. Woops. The smell was devastating even to the cat. Jeff cleaned it out later that night, but we had one fish that was a floater, but couldn't find like three others. The water was SOOOO murky though, we figured they were stuck in a bush, or alive and just hiding.

A few days go by and the water clears up....still no sign of the missing fish. Not really sure what happened. There is one fish left living. Anyway...Jeff finally found one fish behind the tank. Apparently the abundance of food caused him to "jump ship."

Still two left though...hmmmm...where oh where could they be???

Fast forward a couple more days. Jake is looking for a toy in his toy box. At the bottom he sees one of his old rubber fishing lures....a fish. He picks it up....squeezes it because those are so fun to squeeze and promptly realizes that....that is not a LURE!!! AAAAHHHHH that is a REAL DEAD FISH!!!!! HE FREAKS OUT! And I mean FREAKS OUT! I was the BASEMENT...he was two floors over me and I heard a blood curdling scream! I didn't even recognize WHO the screamer was. Suddenly within seconds Jake comes "shaking" down the stairs like Scooby Doo who had just seen a ghost. I mean...I am not exaggerating...his whole body was shaking and he was doing the ibby gibby dance. His mouth was in a form that I didn't even recognize and he was shivering all at the same time. After he mumbled in a seizure like state, "!!!" I knew what had happened to my poor, white, shaking, shivering little boy...and I could help escaped my lips....a hysterical laugh. I felt bad all the while....but it just came out...there was no stopping it!! Only because I have done it a similar way, and can remember the was bad....but in retrospect, pretty funny too!!!

The rest of the night was hard. I had taken my cough medicine with codeine and Jake wouldn't get out of his bed to use the bathroom without somebody there to help him to the bathroom because he was afraid that third and final fish was somewhere out of the tank and would jump out at him. I tried to explain that it could no longer jump out at him...but he didn't believe me. Poor Jakey.......needless to say....he is done with fish. He wants the whole tank GONE.

Oh....Jakey, Jakey, would be so dull without you.... :-)

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