Thursday, January 21, 2010


So....I went to SkateDaze the other day. For those of you not in Omaha it is a roller skating rink with lazer tag, party rooms, rock climbing, arcade, roller coaster and a play place like at McDonalds only on 5 times the steroids. It also has kiddie rides, a ball pit and a bouncy castle. HUGE....and I must say TONS of fun. It was supposed to be "Mommy and me, play for free." The idea is, during the week between 10-2 mom and kids get in for free, as long as you purchase one of their lunches for like $3 a piece. Good deal right???? So, I call the night before to make sure that "Mommy and me play for free" is still going. He says, "Yep! It is still on the website, so it is still going...and even if it weren't, which it is....they would still have to honor it because it is on the website." Okay...fair enough. So I take the kiddos there for a "cheap date" day. I figure I will spend $9. That is less than what I spend at McDonalds and they have a TON more fun playing and even I can play with them and not feel cramped. I am telling you...this place is HUGE!!! So we go and I tell and two kids. She gave me a total of $18. Huh? That is double what I expected. So I said, "Oh...we are here for Mommy and me play for FREE." Enhancing that free part. She says, "That ended yesterday." I told her I had talked to someone the night before who said it was STILL going on and that I would be fine going today. She said, "Well...he was wrong." I told her how he said if it was on the website and didn't have an end date that you would have to honor it. She told me....and I quote...."Oh...I took that off the website this isn't there it is $18." Ugh! You've got to be kidding me. By this point the kids were so pumped to go....I just paid it and went inside. I was so mad though!! So....if you are local and you plan on going to Skatedaze on a "special"....DON'T BET ON IT BEING A SPECIAL ANYMORE WHEN YOU GET THERE!!!!!!!!!

They did have a lot of fun though...and so did I.....

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