Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Years, 2010

We aren't much of the party type...but we did have a good New Year's Eve. We played Pictionary with the kids....that is always fun with a two year old and a five year old that can't read...but we manage! We sat around the toasty, warm fire....we had Root Beer Floats and watched Fred Clause...one of my new favorite movies! We had a good time. Around 11pm, Cam and I went to watch Criminal Minds together (he loves that show), but he fell asleep. I was the only one awake at the stroke of midnight to usher in the new year...but that is okay. That is how it has been most of my life! :-)

New Years Day was fun and exciting too!! My sister, who usually shops with mom on the first of January, came over and picked me up at 9am. Way early...but as it turns out...she should have come earlier! We went shopping ALL day. Yes...that is right...Tonya Filleman went SHOPPING ALL DAY!!! I had lots of money to blow...which was nice. Dad had given me Christmas money, and Rhonda had given me babysitting money...which she should NOT have! But she wouldn't take no for an answer. She took me to lunch AND she took me to dinner! She spoiled me rotten! I think she just wants to make sure I go shopping with her again!! We went to Walmart, Target, Westroads mall, Oakview mall...and...um...maybe that was it. We went to two different Targets...the one Target didn't have what was in their add and I really wanted to get this particular item. We got EVERYTHING, EVERYWHERE at 75% or more off! I bought ONE thing that wasn't on sale, and it was a shower curtain for the kids' bathroom! I came home and added up my total savings from the receipts and I saved $381!!! That is a HUGE savings and I didn't spend anywhere NEAR that amount! So...it was a great day shopping with great company!!! I look forward to doing it again!! Who knew I could enjoy shopping?!?!?!?

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