Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I am SO bummed....

Over the Christmas holiday, I have had my nieces and nephew once a week...for a total of three times. One of those times we went out sledding in our 5 feet deep snow. We have a great hill over by our house. I took GREAT pictures of the girls sledding and the boys snowboarding on their brand new snowboards that Santa brought them. Well....Major was NOT having a good time...and he was letting me know. So before I took him to the truck to wait for the other kids to finish up, I thought, "I am going to try one time on the snowboard!" So I did! I made it a few feet before falling over. I picked up Major and we trudged through the knee deep snow back to the truck. When I got about 10 feet from the truck, I had a sudden sinking feeling. "I hope my camera is still in my pocket..." I thought. So I checked. Nope. Not there. Woops. Oh no.....that camera is only 6 months old...Jeff is going to kill me. That's okay...it is here somewhere.

So, I yelled over to the kids to start looking....I retraced my steps...nothing. I went home, grabbed a shovel and a metal detector. NOTHING. How could a camera disappear so quickly and easily? It was gone. I took pictures right before I got on the snowboard, then put it back in my coat pocket...then I fell. So, my thought is it fell out when I fell down. Jeff went up there later that night...he couldn't find it either. We tried looking for three different days..nothing. Even if we did find it at this point, it has been exposed to the elements for so long, it probably wouldn't work anyway. Luckily I had taken all the pictures off...EXCEPT the sledding ones.

I was going to take the kids to Mt. Crescent to go skiing and snowboarding...but now I have to use that money to buy a new camera. I HAVE to have a camera....what would I do without one?????

So...unless I take pictures with my video camera...which doesn't take the best pictures...there won't be many pictures posted until I can find a good deal on a new one. :-(

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