Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful.....

Wow! So...we had that Christmas blizzard...and it has been DARN cold. I am talking single digits and often in the below zero single and sometimes double digits. This morning it was 15 below zero...that is -15!!! Then...top that with the windchill and it feels like 20 below! So...we have gotten a few more inches of snow since the blizzard. We are up to about 40 inches I think....the snow is as high as the top of the swing chairs on our swing set. Craziness! Anyway....school is supposed to start tomorrow...BUT...we are expecting 4-7 MORE inches of snow! AND...HIGH temperatures at -4 degrees!!!! Not even hitting 0!!!!!!! That is absurd!! So...Thursday and Friday is more of the same in the temperature department....and they will cancel school if it is too cold because of the kids who walk or go to the bus stops. So...my money is on no school this week. We'll see!!! You will be able to find me in front of the fireplace for the next few days!!!!

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