Friday, January 22, 2010

MLKJ day

Martin Luther King Junior day was this past Monday. Yet ANOTHER day with the kids at home. wasn't soooo bad. Jeff was home too! I just can't seem to get my house clean though! It seems like just when I start trying to clean up...the kids are home!!!! Which...makes it a mess again!!! Someone once told me..."trying to clean with kids is like trying to shovel during a blizzard." Amen sister!

We had a fun day though. It started out relaxing. I took Chocolate in for his 12 week check up. He is fine. He got shots, and next month I can declaw and neuter him! It should only cost me about $150 for all of it! WOW! I asked the vet if he could neuter my husband too and that price!!!! He didn't think that would work out. Oh was worth a try.

Then we all went snowboarding again! What fun we all had! Rhonda, my sis, and her kids met us out there too. It was great as the snow was so packed down and used it was like ice!! The kids had a ball....well....all except Major. I ended up sitting in the car for a majority of the time with him. He is just not a cold weather guy. He is a "fair weather fisherman" apparently.

We had a great day though. Sorry I don't have pictures to share. :-(

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