Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Flagstaff...Deer Farm....Holly's house...

We rolled into Flagstaff Saturday around lunch time. Good thing too...we were hungry!! We hung out with Jeff's mom and dad, Grandad Holbrook...pictured below with Jeff, and Grandma Holbrook...pictured below with Major.

Major had fun riding on his Great-Grandad's walker!!!Sunday we went to the Infamous Grand Canyon Deer Farm! It is always a family fave. The kids love it. The place is FULL of Fallow Deer and they just come up to you to get food. If you don't have out, they are like goats, they will try to eat ANYTHING hanging from, shirt, hat, you name it!! By the time you leave you are a slobbery mess of deer saliva. They have other things there too....Peacocks (Major's favorite)...goats...miniature horses, etc.Here is Jake feeding a deer.
If you look in the upper right hand corner you will see the tail feathers of a peacock that Major was mesmerized by (remember he LOVES birds and ducks)....but if you look closely, you will see the deer starting to eat Major's shirt!
Here is Cam...with his contacts in...and Aunt Holly in the distance petting and feeding the deer.MaKenna liked the goats. They were more her size!
After the Deer Farm we headed to Bellmont where Aunt Holly and Uncle Brandyn live. It is sandwiched between the Deer Farm and Flagstaff. The week before was Aunt Holly and Brandyn's first wedding here they are showing one of their presents!
Uncle Brandyn grilled while Aunt Holly served us appetizers, etc. They really went above and beyond to feed us! Grandma and Grandad Holbrook were also there, and so was Grandma Filleman! It was great to all be together and to see Holly's new house. After dinner we went to their park...played on the playset, threw the football around, talked and walked around the little lake they have there. Here is Aunt Holly and Major.Monday we went to the Museum of Northern Arizona.
Out of all of the time that I lived in Flagstaff, I had never been to this museum, so it was new to the kids and to me. It was interesting...but honestly? I think once every 10 years is plenty. We spent more time hiking outside the museum then we spent IN the museum. Cam is also at an age now where he isn't much fun to go to scientific places with. He disputes EVERYTHING. Very annoying. Here is a picture of MaKenna blowing on a dandilion outside of the museum where we were hiking. I bet that is the biggest dandilion you have ever seen! If not...please comment and let me know where they grow bigger!Here is Jeff and Major. You can tell Jeff is thrilled to be hiking with an extra 25 pounds on his shoulders!

Here are Cam, Jake and MaKenna trying to get off of a rock slab that they climbed up. Always easier to get up then it is to get down it seems!

Tuesday we hung around the house and just visited and played. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I kept up with going to Curves in Flagstaff and running. I didn't get to run as far as Allyson and I had been....but I forgot about the altitude. Ugh. Everytime I went out, I came back with the taste of blood in the back of my throat. I used to run track in Flagstaff and wasn't bothered by it. I guess when you are away from that altitude for so long, it takes awhile to get acclimated again. Tuesday night Grandma Holbrook took ALL of us out for dinner at the Outback for our birthdays! It was VERY yummy! Jeff and I don't get out much, so it was quite the treat for us!!
Wednesday we headed to Powell...that is for the next post though!! :-)

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