Monday, September 6, 2010

First day of school!

The first day of school here in the great midwest was August 11th! Can you believe it? When I went to school it was always the day after Labor Day that we got started! Anyway, MaKenna started Kindergarten, Jake went into 4th grade and Cam went into MIDDLE school, for the 6th grade. When I was in school, you didn't hit middle school until 7th grade...but again...different state. Anyway...I think I had a much harder time sending Cam to middle school then I did sending MaKenna to Kindergarten!!! WEIRD HUH? I have NEVER sent a child to that part of it was weird to me. I have always homeschooled my kids up to a point at least...and so I never SENT anyone to Kindergarten, they were home with me for that year at least. Jake started school in first grade and Cam in third grade only because I was SOOOO sick when I was pregnant with Major...I couldn't even function. My sister in law Dixie and my mom had to finish the boys' year off because I would just throw up everytime I opened my mouth. Anyway...that is why I sent them to school. Well...I wanted to homeschool MaKenna as well....but her and I clash a little bit when it comes to learning. We thought it would be best for all parties involved if we just let someone else teach her.

That first day was tough on me. I dropped Cam off at 7:30 with HIDDEN tears in my eyes. Then back home to get the others up and dressed and fed. Here is Cam...this picture was actually taken after school because I forgot my camera at home! Funny story though....the night before I said, " you want me to walk you into the building tomorrow?" I said this JOKINGLY knowing that a 6th grader wouldn't want me to. He says, "Yeah...that would be nice." I was like, WHAT? So then I said to MaKenna, "I will walk you in honey". She says, "No...I'll be fine, just drop me off at the corner." WHAT? Okay...something isn't right here. Needless to say, I DID walk her in, and I DID NOT walk Cam in. These pictures are a bit backwards, but here is Major checkin' out MaKenna's room. He didn't want to leave.

Here is a very nervous and shy MaKenna. I did walk her in, but she didn't want to hold my hand or anything! BOOGER! That lasted the first couple she is regressing and is nervous to go to school. She wants me to walk her in everyday. But that first day...she didn't want to have anything to do with me.

Here is Major, Jake and MaKenna outside the school.

This is before we left for school...of course we walked. Major HAD to get in on the picture taking.

Here is MaKenna...all excited!!! Doesn't she look pretty? She picked her outfit out all by herself from the clearance items at Target! What a good girl! I showed her a different shirt at one point and she said, "Mommy, that tag doesn't have an orange sticker on it." So proud of my girl!! :-)
Here is MaKenna and Jake.
They all had a great first day, and a great first week. They are into their 4th week of school now. MaKenna is starting to not want to go everyday. The first day she said, "Mom...they don't let me sleep much at school." Poor baby...she was still taking naps this summer...I probably should have weaned her. The other night she said, "Do we have school tomorrow?" I said, "Yup!" She goes, "AGAIN?" Oh...little does she know...
Jake really likes his new teacher. He is BRAND new at teaching. This is his first year. I had to joke him that having Jake in his class was like a hazing. I shook his hand, and said, "Good luck man." :-) He looked a little nervous. Nah...Jake's a good boy...trouble just seems to...well...find him. It's not his fault...really....... :-)
Cam LOVES middle school. He loves his Industrial Tech class, and he is taking German. I have enjoyed learning German from him as the only foreign language I know is Spanish. I have always wanted to go to Germany though and find my knowing German will be one step closer for me!! He motivated me to go out and buy a Crash Course on German for the computer! I am very excited! I love to learn! My grandma used to speak it from time to time, so it is interesting for me to learn!
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