Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Happy Birthday to my mom who would be 64

Mom's birthday was today. Mom would have been 64 if she were still with us. She died all too young. To celebrate her birthday we had a little party for her on Sunday after MaKenna's party. I will post pictures of MaKenna's party later...but right now I thought I would do mom's pictures. I didn't get pictures from Sunday for mom, but what I did was go out and buy 12 balloons. They were pink, and I got one for each grandchild...each of her daughters, their husbands and dad. We had all the kids right on the balloons...except Major who just put his hand print on it...then we went out front, sang happy birthday (even though it wasn't her actual birthday that day) and released the balloons. Some of the balloons didn't float well because I purchased them the day before like a dingbat....but it was fun watching some of them float up to heaven.

So that was Sunday because we knew we couldn't get together today, the 29th for her actual birthday....but I did go "visit" mom. My best bud Deana went to Milford with me to "visit" too. That was so nice of her to take time out of her day to do that...and she even drove! Thanks Deana! It was a quick trip though, because Wednesdays the kids get out of school we had to be quick. It takes an hour to get to Milford and an hour to get we were in speedy mode! Of course...what mom is ever in any different mode??? :-)

Here is a sweet picture of miss Lydi Lou on the drive!! I took one of the boys too...but it was all blurry. :-( The boys really enjoyed Blue Mound Cemetary. Here they are playing hopscotch on someone's family of footstones....sorry whoever belongs to those....but the boys had fun.

I took that white bear out and hung it on the fence behind mom. It says, "I love you mom" on it. I usually put it out on Mother's Day...but thought it would be nice to have there for awhile on her birthday too!
Here is Major "talkin'" with Nana.
Here are Major and Nehemiah having a really deep conversation!
It was a great day. I was a little sad....but, time heals all wounds. I know I will always miss mom though. After Major had to go pee pee on a tree...we decided to go to the gas station as Nehemiah would not do that. So we headed to the bathroom at the gas station, then I showed Deana where my mom grew up....then we went to the Milford park. The boys had a great time, then Lydi Lou got to eat too! We weren't there TOO long before we left to go to my cousin's farm to see the cows. The boys wanted to see cows. Well...they got their precious cows! We visited just a little bit before we had to head back to Omaha.
It was a quick trip, but I am glad I had someone to share it with. Thanks Deana, Nehemiah, and Lydia! Major and I appreciate all you do!

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