Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer Fun #3!!!

The next group of pictures are from the final days of Summer. The kids were sad to see the summer go....but Cam was VERY excited about starting Middle School, and MaKenna was VERY excited about starting Kindergarten!!

Dad likes to take the kids to see his horse Sparks...but he also likes to take the kids out on his boat. This particular day...I had a TON of stuff to do at seems to always be the case...and so dad took EVERYONE and let me stay home and clean...or do whatever it was I had to do. It was a BEAUTIFUL day!! Here is dad...taking a self portrait....and then you all wonder where I get my quirkiness from...... Here is Cam...just like his dad...a silent fisherman.

Jake...the fisherman who gets bored REALLY easily...and USUALLY ends up getting in trouble one way or another.
MaKenna...the giddy fisherwoman....always so happy....
And finally, Major....also known to himself as Mator. He is known as the "What dat?" fisherman.

Dad was proud to say that he taught another grandchild how to use the pee can. Yes...that is right...Major was had the opportunity to use the pee can. Papa was so all the boys have used it. Such a proud moment for him. Whatever.....
Jake seems to be the only one in the family who likes baseball. Papa loves when I won 8 tickets to a Royals game, I gave 6 away to friends and family, and saved two for Papa and Jake to go. I USED to love fact, I have three ring binders FULL of baseball cards from the 80's and 90's. When the strike happened in 1994, it soured me on the whole sport. It was then that I turned to love football...and I never see myself going back. How could I leave my precious football??? It is the best sport ever known to mankind!! Thank you spoiled baseball players for having the strike, if it hadn't been for you, I might still be watching you and not so enamored with football! :-) is Jake at the Royals game with Papa. They had a great time, but it was one of THE hottest and muggiest days of the year!! Papa was SOAKED when they got home.

Here are my little angels, MaKenna and Hannah...

We couldn't end the summer without raiding the dress up box! We save EVERY costume we have in a dress up box. Not only is it fun to play with later...but it is great for Major because we don't ever have to buy him a costume...he has all those hand me downs! Here is Batman and Spiderman! With the evil pooch in the background.

And what little girl who owned a cat hasn't dressed up the cat and made them babies? Major used to put the kitty in the doll stroller when it was littler and stroll him around the house. Now Makenna dresses him up and lays him down for naps. Yes, he has a pillow, a blanket...and if you look closely you will see a panda being snuggled by the kitty. And the best part...the kitty lets her do it to him!!!
Oh the love of kitties and little girls!!!
The Sunday before school started I had a piano recital. I had only a few students during the summer, because people tend to take the summer off from just about everything. So, only three kids played at the recital. You can check out my piano blog too if you want...but I don't update it very often. It is Here is Sam.
Here is Christian.

And finally, MaKenna.

We had a great, FULL, summer! The boys played LaCrosse....we did a lot of bowling, the zoo, trips to the library, the parks, the splashparks, the swimming pools, we played outside, we swam in our little pool in the backyard, we did sprinklers, we washed my truck, we went to the mall a few times, we went to Arizona, we rode horses, went fishing. went to baseball games (yes...we all went to one as a family...I may not like the sport anymore...but it IS America's favorite pasttime...we have to go at least once a year...and papa went with us to that one too!), we did A LOT...and we had TONS of fun!
We still have one more summer time trip planned...even though it is after school starts. It is the trip we do EVERY year since mom kicked it off a few years back. We go to Adventureland every we will be doing that September 11th. The kids are looking forward to that trip!
Next post...first day of school! Don't miss it!!! Don't miss out on my giveaway blog posts too...lots of great stuff being given away!

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