Thursday, September 16, 2010

Trip To Indiana I am trying to catch up to date...but I am still plenty behind!! The day after school starting, August 12th, my dad and I took off to Indiana. My bestest buddy's (Deana Ramsey) daddy died and knowing what it is like to lose a parent before what we think should be their time, I felt like I needed to be there. Dad of course, loves Deana also, and wouldn't let me go being retired...he went with me!!! What else does a retired man have to do right? :-) Just kidding! was about a 12 hour drive. We left at 8 in the morning...maybe it was 9...I don't remember. It was nice to be with just dad in the truck. We had some great conversations....but put two talkers in one vehicle together and there is a LOT of hot air moving around!! There was NO air time what so ever! :-) We needed that time together though. We drove east on I-80 through Iowa to get there and then south through Indiana. They live in Austin, Indiana which is almost to the Kentucky border...about 30 miles north of it.

I had recently been reading a book about the Amana Colonies. I kinda remember dad telling me that he and mom visited there once. I just happened to ask dad about it...not really thinking we would be anywhere near them, and he said, "Yep...we will go right by them!" So, I asked as nicely as I could in my little girl, please daddy voice, if we could stop. He said we would be passing around lunch time so we would stop for lunch! YIPPEE! I was very excited!! So we stopped in the Amana Colonies, had a GREAT, AUTHENTIC German meal...stuffed our faces like a true German would...and looked around a little bit down town. Here are a couple pictures.
It was nothing absolutely spectacular...but it was VERY cool to be reading a book that was based out of that very colony...I was seeing street signs that were in the book, etc. Also...the German atmosphere was great...especially since our background is German. Very fun!

Anyway...after that nice, big meal...I was ready for a nap...but dad just kept yapping, and yapping...I couldn't have closed my eyes if I tried! :-)

We finally made it into Scottsburg about 2 miles south of Austin, where our hotel was around 9 or 10 that night....I think it was 10 because of the time change. Anyway....I can understand southerners...but this was a COMPLETELY different southern dialect. This wasn't Georgia southern (Carrie)...this wasn't Alabama southern (Tammy)...this wasn't Texas Southern (grandma/grandad)...this was something very different...I can't even explain it other than Kentucky southern. Neither dad NOR I could understand the little man behind the was not only the southern drawl...but he spoke well over a mile a minute. Yikes. I just kept shaking my head and smiling...thinking dad was getting everything. When we walked away I said, "What did he just say?" Dad said, "I don't know....I figured you would know..." Needless to say, we had NO idea where our room was after that!

That night there was some pre-season football on. Jeff is not into football like I fact, I think I have watched most of the televised games this year so far and he has watched ZERO. My dad is just like me...we love we watched a little of the game before we fell asleep around midnight. We got up around 7 and ate breakfast Friday morning. The funeral was that day...August 13th.

We headed over there...but got a teensy bit lost...that's right...a truck driver and his daughter lost in the middle of mean...southern Indiana. We finally found our way, and we made it to Austin to the funeral home. We went inside, met Deana's mom and brother and well as other family and friends. The funeral was very nice. Rich, Deana's husband got up and said some things, and the pastor was fantastic. They all did a great was a beautiful service. The kids did fairly well too...I was proud of them. Not my kids...they didn't come...Deana's kids...she has 4 as well.

After the service we went to the funeral. I found it a bit humorous that several plots had confederate flags flying on that even legal anymore? :-) The graveside service was very nice as well. I felt terrible for Deana having gone through this a year and a half ago myself. I tried to help as much as I could with the kids because I know that the people who helped with my kids at my mom's funeral and before and after, were my saving grace...and Deana was one of those people.

After the burial, we went back to the church to have a FANTASTIC lunch. WOW! They may talk funny...but they know how to lay out the fixin's!!!! Yum...yum!!! Almost worth becoming even more of a hick and living there! ALMOST!

We stayed for about an hour then dad and I went and got our clothes, changed, and we hit the road for home. was a VERY fast trip. We spent more time in the truck then anywhere else...but it was well worth it, and I wouldn't have wanted to be anywhere else.

We did choose a different route home though...that I-80 route was just BORING! We went home through St. of it is equally boring...but at least the whole drive wasn't brutal. Of course when we got to St. Louis at rush hour no less...we got stuck in a traffic jam for almost an hour. gave me a great opportunity to snap some is one.

We drove into my driveway at about 2AM Saturday morning. Deana and her family started home that Saturday as well. It is never easy to lose a parent. I know we all have to someday...but no matter their is never's just even harder when they go too young. Mom and Danny Vanover are up in heaven just hangin' out now...that is if they can understand eachother! :-)

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