Friday, September 17, 2010

Nebraska versus Western Kentucky, Pre-Season Game

A few Saturdays ago, my dad called and asked if anyone would like to go to the Nebraska game with him. Since I had missed the Millard South game the night before that everyone else got to go too...naturally, I wanted to go. But...since I had a broken foot (next post), I thought it best I don't. Jake said he would go.

We went and ran some errands. When we got home it was time for him to start getting ready...suddenly he didn't want to go. Well...I guess I would HAVE to go then! :-) So, I got dressed...wrapped my foot as best as I could....loaded up on the Ibuprofen and headed out to Lincoln with my dad!! I hobbled several miles that night but it was well worth it! I just LOVE football!!! Here is a great picture of Nebraska beating the pants off of Western Kentucky! Another favorite of mine at football games...the band....

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