Thursday, September 30, 2010


About a week or so ago, Neihardt Elementary had a Back to School Skate at our local skating rink, SkateDaze. It was fairly cheap to get in for the kids, and Jeff and I got in for free. Cam and Jake skated the whole two hours...and Major and MaKenna played in the playdazium...which is like a McDonalds playplace on massive amounts of steroids. Tons of fun!!! I played with the two little people, and Jeff just kinda walked around. We had a great time!! I think everyone did!!!! Cam is in the orange.

MaKenna and Major lovin' the ball pit!
About a week later, Anderson Middle School had a back to school skate at SkateDaze as well. We let Cam go. We dropped him off and picked him up two hours later. We talked about how we wouldn't let just any of our children be dropped off somewhere, but that we trusted him....he is a very trustworthy young man. Anyway...I got there a little before 7...pick up time. He didn't come out. I gave him 15 minutes....still...nothing. I tried to go in and look for him...they wouldn't let me without paying, so my past helped me out...and I snuck in. Don't ask. Anyway...I looked EVERYWHERE for him...even freaked out some boy in the boys Cam. I finally deducted that he must be in lazer tag and I would wait for the next group to get out. If he wasn't in that group...I would then start to panic. Sure enough, 30 minutes after pick up time, he came out of Lazer Tag in that group. He knew the minute he saw me he was in hot water. He explained to me what happened...and in his defense, it was a harmless mistake. HOWEVER, we did discuss how that can be prevented next time, and he wouldn't get a freebie escape if it happened again. After all the grief I gave my parents thanks to skating rinks...I get a little nervous.
Better luck next time Cam.....

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