Friday, September 17, 2010

Broken bite....oh my!!! a few days before that awesome game....I was riding my bike with Cam. While riding by a house about a block or two away, their german shephard, whom we KINDA know....ran up to us and was barking out of control. He then tried to jump on Cam, but I got in front of him, and he jump up and got me in the leg with his jaws of life. It didn't hurt right away...I kept riding. When I got to the corner though, it really hurt. I stopped...looked down my pants leg and saw something pretty knarly. We finished our ride...I know....I am a trooper...and went home. Jeff went and talked to the owners who were very non chalant about it. They said the dog was up to date, but Jeff didn't want to take the chances. So off to urgent care I went. Since I had to go to Urgent Care, the Humane Society had to be called. I hated that because I am a HUGE animal lover and I knew the dog (Josie) wasn't being vicious...she just liked tires...and I was sitting on them. Anyway...long story short, Josie was up to date on shots, came out healthy, I never got an infection and all was well. It looked pretty knarly for a couple weeks though!

3 days later....I am in a hurry to get to church. I walked the kids to school and I was walking back to the house so I could get to a meeting at church on time. I was walking quickly...but I was pushing the jogging what is the harm in walking quickly...with heeled sandals? I took a step off of the curb and landed my foot wrong. I completely rolled over the foot and I immediately heard snap, crackle and pop all the way up my leg. My knee even hurt. With tears I practically crawled home and put on my ankle brace. I HAD to get to church...I figured I just twisted it like I have done to the other ankle a few times. I didn't get off of my foot until 9:30 that night because I also had to go to Tribe which is our Junior High Ministry at church, that evening. It was a VERY full day!

The next day I was in such terrible pain, I finally called the doctor. I got a hairline fracture on the top of my foot...along with pulled ligaments, name was pulled. :-( So...I know have a brace, wrap, etc on my foot. So much for my running. I have started riding my bike again though...but running it out for awhile. :-( Hope I don't gain all that weight back that I worked so hard to get off.


Kimberly said...

Ouch... I hope you feel better soon.
All the best,

Tina Peterson said...

Hi, I just emailed you that I had seen "Nebraska" on a giveaway linky comment and thought I'd say hi! Then I saw you are from Brookside! What a small world. I've done some of their bible studies and tried to join one of their small groups - but well, no one ever called me.

Anyway, I just wanted to say hi from another Nebraskan. I hope your foot is feeling better - at least happened now and not in the middle on an ice storm or one of those blizzards we had last winter.

Tina "The Book Lady"