Friday, September 10, 2010

Mama's Family Update

GOOD EVENING!!!! Just an update to let you all know where our team is at!! We are STILL in the NUMBER ONE position for the ENTIRE state of Nebraska!!! WOOT!!!!! That is SO exciting!! Thanks to ALL of you who have joined our team, donated, or prayed!! We are SO thankful!!!! BIG thanks to my BIG sister (yes….she is older) Rhonda….who is our NUMBER ONE EARNER!!! Go Rhonda!!!! Not only is she OUR number one earner…but she is the NUMBER ONE EARNER FOR THE STATE OF NEBRASKA!!!!!! WOOT!!!!

Friends and Family
1. Mama's Family - $2,865.00
2. Blessed Times Two - $1,600.00
3. Offutt Fire Department - $1,484.00
4. Jazzers for Julie - $1,440.00
5. Bustin Out - $1,080.00

Team Member
1. Rhonda Flanigan - $2,625.00

2. ConAgra Foods WLC - $1,845.00
3. melody stark - $925.00
4. Kristen Kelley - $736.20
5. Lorri Hicklin - $565.00

If you are thinking now…wow….I gotta be part of this….well, PLEASE DO BE A PART OF IT!!! We would LOVE to have you with us!!! So…to join our team and WALK (we will have our kids with us) with us, OR to donate to our team or an individual team member, go here:

Please feel free to forward this on to anyone you know who may be interested! Prayers are still needed. Keep them going up!! We want NO more broken feet (yup…that’s me…just a hairline though)!!

VERY IMPORTANT!!! IF YOU ARE WANTING TO WALK ON OCTOBER 3RD WITH US HERE IN OMAHA, YOU HAVE TO REGISTER BY 4PM ON THE 17TH OF SEPTEMBER!!!!! After that, you can still register and walk….you just won’t be on our team…but I will let you walk with us…I won’t ignore you! You guys have ONE WEEK LEFT to register to be part of Team Mama’s Family!!!

Finally, let’s not make Rhonda work so hard!! Let’s get our family and friends and ANYONE who has been touched by this terrible disease, to donate to the cause…or at the very least pray…not only pray for funding…but for the walk, for nice weather, people traveling that day to get there, and mostly for those who have endured, are enduring or will endure breast cancer.

Thank you SO much for your support!!!!

-Tonya Filleman

• Romans 1:8 niv
First, I thank my God through Jesus Christ for all of you, because your faith is being reported all over the world.

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