Sunday, August 22, 2010

Arizona Trip #17...the finale!

After Rainbow Bridge, Lincoln and Major had some bonding time.
Then Cait and I had some bonding time.....Then all the little boys had some sleepy bonding time.....The next morning we woke up, ate breakfast and started packing things up. We had about a 2 hour ride back to dock. We had a bit of a problem getting off the beach here is everyone helping us out a bit! We left from Lake Powell. We went a different way home this time. Instead of going through Kaibab, we went around and through Moab. We saw Monument Valley and Mexican was a lot of fun, and a beautiful drive!! We timed it just right didn't start getting dark until we got on the freeway in Utah, and by then we had been through the most beautiful country! Once we hit the freeway it was my turn to drive. I then drove until we hit the other side of Denver. That is my normal time to drive, so I am somewhat familiar with the road....someday I WOULD like to see that area in daylight though!!! I am betting it is absolutely beautiful! about 2 am, we were headed through Eagle, Colorade. I stopped to run around the truck a few times (wakes me up), and go to the potty. Cam came out to go potty too. He said, I am not feeling the greatest. I honestly wasn't either...but I figured it was just the Mountain Dew and Chocolate doing it to me. I jokingly said, "Just don't throw up in my truck!" We laughed and went back to the truck. Everyone went back to sleep. 5 miles down the road I hear BLOOD CURDLING SCREAMS coming out of Jake. I flip on the light, slam on my brakes and look in the rear view mirror where I see Cam using Jake's lap as a toilet bowl....barfing his guts out! Jake is screaming, "HE'S PUKING ON ME, HE'S PUKING ON ME, HE'S PUKING ON ME!!!!" I hit Jeff to wake him up....then I yelled "TURN YOUR HEAD AWAY FROM JAKE!!!" It kept coming out of him...poor kid. I stopped at the next rest area, which thankfully was close by. In that area of the mountains they have one about every 5-10 miles. We got every one out, Cam cleaned up the back seat, got everyone washed up and changed their clothes...and tried REALLY hard to get the putrid smell out of the truck so we could move on.
No other problems after that. The next day, after I woke up, I said to Jeff, "I guess we need to have the truck detailed." He said, "Yep....especially now." I said, "Yeah...that is what I mean." He said, "No...while you were sleeping, Jake wet the proverbial bed." UGH! So...yes...we had puke, pee...and who knows what else back there by the time we got home.
The trip was a great success though......... :-)

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