Saturday, August 28, 2010

More Summer Fun #2!

We had even more fun!!! On Membership Appreciation Day at the Zoo, I took all 7 kids...with Deana's help, to the zoo!! Because it was Membership Appreciation Day we got to do special things. We all rode the train for free...we got behind the scenes look at the Aquarium, the Giraffe Complex, and more. The kids really liked the Aquarium...because we got to go above the shark tank and watch them feed the sharks. Nehemiah, Deana's 2 year old, LOVES the Giraffe complex was a favorite for him. They also had lots of bouncies for the kids and other goodies! We had a great was a bit of a warm day...but it could have been worse I suppose!!

Here is Deana, Nehemiah and Lydia on the train!!! We waited QUITE awhile to get on it...but the kids enjoyed it! Here is MaKenna, Brooke and Hannah. You can kinda see the top of Kayla's head in the back.
It is tradition for me to have all the kids sit on the giraffe for pictures and it worked out even more perfect since Nehemiah LOVES Giraffes! So here is Kayla.

Here is my Major.
Here is Gabriel.
Here is Jake!

Little Miss Hannah!

Lydia and Deana.

MaKenna Lynn!

Shawn and Cam were "too big" to sit on the giraffe. Not really...they just wanted to be cool...and sitting on the giraffe was NOT cool! :-)
Here is a picture of 5 kids out of the 11 that we took!

Here is 9 out of the 11!!

MaKenna, Hannah and Nehemiah in front of Melman the Giraffe!
It was a fun day at the zoo!!!
As most of you know...I am pretty frugal and will look for deals wherever I can find them. Well...the zoo was free because we have a zoo pass....which is a lot at first, but when you split it throughout the year with all of our kids...we get a smokin' deal! We also got a bowling pass this year. Kids bowl free in the summer time...and for only $20 extra you can put 4 adults on their passes as well. I did me, my dad, Tini and Deana. $20 seems like a lot...but we went quite often so...again...smokin' deal! day dad decided he would go with us. The kids LOVED having Papa there. Of course...Papa hasn't bowled since...oh, I don't know...since Reagan was president. He did pretty good though for not bowling in a long time!
Here is Shawn.

Here is Jake doing his spin. The kids actually got really good by the end of the summer!

Here is Cam and MaKenna. Now...MaKenna's bowl...though it did get faster by the end of the could still take the fingernail polish out and polish your nails while waiting for her ball to make it to the end.

Here's Papa!!


Here is Brooke. Now, MaKenna, Major and Brooke always played with bumpers....but the older kids did not...and they still really did well. I always played with the younger group...the bumpers did help my score from time to time....
Here is MaKenna getting ready to throw the ball.

Here I am helping Major. They have little ramps for the kids...but he almost rathers do it the hard way!

More summer pictures to come!!!!!!!

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