Thursday, August 5, 2010

Arizona Trip #11

After a good nights rest, we got up REALLY early and started playing immediately!!! The little ones, Cade and Major, both loved being in the hot tub...even during the day. It is just much more down to scale for them I think!!! Here is Jake, helping take off the lid to the hottub!
This picture is actually the end of that day. I continued to work out as I said before, and so I went on a hike/run this night. I had my camera in one pocket and just snapped as I went. I thought these pictures were so pretty...of course, it is always prettier in person than in pictures!

There is our houseboat in the middle of the picture.Here is a picture of my other hottub lover...MaKenna. Just like her mamma!
Aunt Holly, Major and MaKenna.

Jeff fishing....go figure...with Major looking on.....

Here is MaKenna and Lincoln playing in the sand and water.....the boat behind them is Danny and Caitlin's boat...they were going out knee boarding.

More to come later......


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