Sunday, August 22, 2010

Some Summer Time Fun!

We had a ton of fun this summer. As many of you know I watched my sister's three kids as well all there were 7 kids at my house daily. They enjoyed the extra companionship...and I enjoyed that the kids always had playmates! Before the summer ended we did a few more fun things together. Like go to the pool with the Ramseys. Here is Major with his best bud Nehemiah! Here on the right end of the log is Shawn and Cam.

Here is another Major and Nehemiah.

Here is Kayla "teaching" the girls...Brooke, MaKenna and Hannah.

We also played outside A LOT! Many of you know I am a pretty good deal finder. I found this little firetruck for $2! It was a lot of fun for the kids!
I also found 3D art chalk! That kept ALL of them busy...INCLUDING Jeff for almost an entire day!!! I got that chalk kit for $1 each...I bought 3 of them!!

We also took an evening and took the Ramsey kiddos to the park with us while their mommy and daddy went out to dinner! Here is Lydia in the swing!!!
We had a great summer!! More to come!!!!!

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