Sunday, October 31, 2010

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure 2010

October 3rd was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure here in Omaha! We had a great turnout!! We had a total of 33 team members...which is up by about 20 from last year!! About 20 or so turned up to actually walk!! I was VERY excited!! We actually had EVERYONE that walked for our team in the team picture! I STILL haven't received the team picture yet...but I will post it, if and when we do. I say IF...because they never got it to me last year. They promised me that wouldn't be the case this year though...I guess time will tell.

Anyway, we started out in first place for raising money...and we have ended in 3rd place...which is really good considering that that is for the ENTIRE state of Nebraska!! And my sister Rhonda got first place for individual raising money...for the ENTIRE state of Nebraska!! GREAT JOB RHONDA...and GREAT JOB TEAM MAMA'S FAMILY!!!! Here is Kayla, Brooke, Major (in stroller), Cam, Uncle Tanner, Scott, Melissa, Sam, MaKenna and Percy.
Here is Brooke, Kayla, Cam, Shawn, Uncle Tanner, Scott and Melissa.

Here is Travis Hoops, Nehemiah (in stroller), Lydia (in sling), Deana and Hannah.
Uncle Tanner and Major decided to take a walk....

Hannah and MaKenna walking behind Cam and Shawn.

Jan, Dad and Mike. Yes...they are holding hands...YUCK! :-) It's just wrong when it is your parent!!!
Major and Uncle Tanner.

RaChelle and Travis Hoops!

Percy (pushing stroller...bless her heart), Melissa, Dad, Mike, RaChelle and Travis.
MaKenna and I with Deana and Lydia.
Jan and Dad. They weren't fiance's yet...but later that day they would become fiances.
Rhonda and Tonya...the sisters of Mama's Family. Rest in peace Mama....
Boy...she is like way skinnier than me isn't she??? Guess I have more work to do!! :-) think I mean exercise...but my work is to actually get her to eat more! :-) Just kidding....not really...yes I am!!!
This is poor MaKenna after the race. We looked all over for her and we found her on the kitchen table bench against the wall. Thank goodness for Major who is short and found her! :-) She was plumb tuckered out!
All in all we had a fantastic day!!! The only bummer was that I had 2 bags stolen from the Civic Center...but they were bags full of free stuff. I can't imagine why anyone would want to steal these bags of free stuff when the free stuff was a mere few feet away and they could have gotten the free stuff without stealing someone elses bags...which were also free. Oh well...I guess I will never understand some people. Other than that, we had a fantastic day. We had a great banner too that said Mama's family on it this year. I missed the picture of it though! :-( The photographer got one...but...who knows if he will ever send those pictures to me. I hope he does!!!

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