Wednesday, October 27, 2010

SO FAR BEHIND....but had to share...

I am SO far behind on blogging! I hope to catch up THIS weekend sometime...though I am not sure when...but I am going to TRY!! Anyway...I just had to share a couple of funnies....

Today I was walking with Major to school for storytime. I always ask him questions like what color is the grass...what color is the sky...stuff like that. So I said,

"Major...what color is the sun."
He thought about it and said,

Well kid...I guess if that were a color....that is what the sun would be!! :-)

I also find it cute that everytime we read a book....when we are done, he closes it and says, "AMEN!"

Apparently every book we read is a prayer! Such a sweetie!

Did I ever tell you about Jake and the hot sauce??

We were having Mexican food....we were out of hot sauce. He likes Mild...the only one in the family that likes it hotter is Jeff. So, Jake goes to the cabinet to grab another hot sauce. He grabbed the "medium" hot sauce. Knowing he wouldn't like it, I said,

"Oh, Jake honey...that is medium."
"Oh...okay...well, where is the small?"

Oh Jakey.....

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