Sunday, October 31, 2010

Random Happenings

For a couple days I watched a friends 3 children while her sitter was out of town at a conference. Here is Major and little Noah Zellmer having a great time with bubbles!!!! Here is sweet Kaili painting the gourds I bought them. Toby was on my back most of the time, so I didn't get any pictures of him!
Jeff surprised me one night with a dozen pink roses. He can be sweet sometimes!! :-)

Here are my table centerpieces. Deana surprised me one day with the other pretty plant! I have some great people in my life don't I?

Deana's husband Rich had gotten tickets...accidentely...(long story), to the Opera for the Cure. It is an opera that funds the Susan G. Komen Foundation. They sing about boobies...and losing them...dying...surviving...etc. He really didn't feel like going, so he gave the tickets to Deana and I to use! I thought it would be fun...Deana and I going out alone...NO KIDS! So...that day, MaKenna had a birthday party to attend at Doodlecakes. She is allergic to eggs and peanuts, so she couldn't eat the cakes...but she could decorate them! They gave each child a cake to frost and decorate. Then she brought it home for us to eat!!! Here it is!!!

Here is Deana and I after the Opera for the Cure. I have a plan to make her eat more too.....

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