Sunday, October 31, 2010

Mickey's Roadshow Live!

US Family Guide, recently gave me the opportunity to see Mickey's Roadshow Live! They offered me 4 tickets free of charge to review and blog about my experience at the show! Knowing that I have 4 children and if we made it a family event, I would need 2 more tickets, I e-mailed and asked how I might get 2 more tickets next to the 4...and how much extra that would cost me. I was TOTALLY okay paying for 2 tickets...I mean, I was getting 4 for free. The thought never even occured to me that they may give me 2 more tickets for free...but they did!!! I couldn't believe it! That is what I call a stand up organization! They REALLY catered to my individual needs and I am SO appreciative for that! Not only that but the tickets were fantastic! Floor tickets are always more expensive...but I can't say that I understand can't see anything from the floor. I always get Jimmy Bob sitting in front of me with a big gallon cowboy hat on, so I can never see anything and the kids can't I would MUCH rather be up a little higher which is where we were. Like I said, FANTASTIC seats! Major sat in AWE of smiles...just awestruck! Once in awhile he would lift up his hands and clap a little bit! MaKenna was like that also...until Cinderella came out....THEN she LIT UP like a Christmas tree!!!!

It has a great plot. It was about Mickey Mouse wanting to have a talent he and his friends had to go all over trying to find talent for the talent show. They traveled by land, by sea, and by air.

They found Tigger, Cinderella and her step sisters, the toy soldiers, Buzz Lightyear and Woody!

Of course the usual guys...Donald Duck, Goofy, Mickey and Minnie were also there. We had a great time! The sound was fantastic...the seating and lighting were fabulous...and at Intermission I even saw a friend from church and her kids!

Everything was FANTABULOUS! But...if I had to have a negative thought, it would be the items available for purchase. I bought my kids nachos because the show as at noon...they were hungry. That is really all I could afford. I know that anytime you go to a colisseum of any sort you will pay through the teeth for food and drink...that I understand. And I even understand WHY their items were expensive...I mean after is Disney. You pay for the brand more than the item...but...even though I didn't pay for the show, most people do...and after paying for the show which is expensive, who can afford all of the fun items? See...they know they get you because you are there, and the kids will beg and beg for things. And you want to get these things for them because it is a fun event, and you want your kids to be happy...but you almost have to take a second mortgage out on your house to afford them. Okay..maybe that is a bit far fetched...but you could EASILY drop an extra $100 on these events, on just food, drink and items alone.
So...that said, the show itself was absolutely wonderful! I have 4 kids. The 11 year old LOVED it...the 6 year old LOVED it...the 2 year old LOVED it....the 9 year old wants to be just like since daddy...the hunter-gatherer, wasn't thrilled, neither was the 9 year old. But...later on...when hunter-gatherer wasn't around, the 9 year old said that he wanted to go back! So...only the hunter-gatherer was a fuddiduddi!! :-) So....5 out of 6 ain't bad!!!

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