Sunday, October 31, 2010

Dixie's birthday!

Dixie turned...25!!!! YEP!! Can you believe it???? It seemed like just yesterday I was helping her get ready for her 6th grade dance!!!

Some of you know she is temporarily living in Colorado Springs, CO for school. She will be back after Christmas though. She was able to come home on her birthday weekend though and so Saturday night (her birthday was Sunday the 24th), her and Tanner came over and we had hotdogs and YUMMY Tanner made burgers! They even brought their own cake!!! That made me feel like a slacker...but we had had a garage sale all day long, and we had Mickey Live that day was a CRAZY day! Anyway....they brought a cake from Cold Stone! Can't argue with that!!!

We had a great time! Happy Birthday Dixie! Thanks for celebrating with us!!!!!

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