Friday, October 8, 2010

Pinkalicious - The Musical!

I was given the opportunity to take my precious baby girl MaKenna to see Pinkalicious. I had enough tickets for the family, but Jeff just didn't think the boys would like it. It wasn't until after the show that I realized they would have loved it! There were a lot of brothers and dads there. Just because the name had Pink in it...didn't mean it wasn't for everyone. But...we still had a great fact...we probably had a BETTER time because we made it a girls night and invited my sister Rhonda and my nieces Brooke and Kayla to take the boys' tickets!!

We started the night at Applebee's....a girls out dinner! It was really good! We had a great meal. Then we headed downtown for the show which was playing at the Rose Theater! The girls had a great time...Rhonda and I had a great was all over just a great night!!! is pictures like this that you can't tell I lost 20 pounds. I mean...really??? Did I really lose 20 pounds or is the scale lying to me?? Maybe Jeff fixed the scale so I would stop complaining about it? I really makes me mad. I am in the same clothes...and to me...I look the same. So...where was that 20 pounds that miraculously went away? are us girls...having a "pink" night!!!
Stairsteps...MaKenna, Brooke and Kayla.

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