Friday, October 8, 2010

MaKenna's 6th birthday!

I forgot to mention in the Pinkalicious post that it was the day before MaKenna's 6th birthday that we went! It was kinda a birthday present!! She had a great weekend that is for sure!!! So, on Sunday...the 26th of was actually her 6th birthday!! So we had her party after church on Sunday!! You don't get to celebrate your birthday on weekends very often, so this was a great opportunity to do so!!

As usual Deana made her cake and this years theme was MERMAIDS!!! Look at this incredible cake!!!! Here is the lunch spread!! Not too shabby for a Sunday luch right???
Emily helped me make the Octopi. What do you think? Some of the kids wouldn't eat them because they didn't "look right". I thought it was pretty creative!!! :-)

More on her birthday party later!!!!

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