Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Stutzman Reunion this past weekend!!!

I HAVE A CAMERA!!! Dad got so tired of me borrowing his camera...he and Rhonda went and bought me an early birthday present!! Yippee!! Now...what are the chances of them FORGETTING that they bought me a birthday present already by the time November rolls around???? :-)

This past weekend (June 25th -27th) we had the Stutzman Reunion that takes place every 3 years in a different location. This year my sister was in charge of it...with a little help from me...and we had it in Fremont, NE, at Calvin Crest Church Camp. We had a GREAT time! There were roughly 85 family members there who came from Oregon, Alabama, Arizona, Colorado, Iowa and Nebraska. Did I tell you we had a GREAT time!! We did SOOO much!! I am ABSOLUTELY exhausted!!! STILL!!! And it's Tuesday!! It ended 2 days ago and I am BEAT!

Friday night we got there around dinner time. We hung out...said hi to family we haven't seen in a long time...and then off to eat...the wonderful church camp food (not sarcasm). After dinner we went back and watched the slideshow I put together. We also had a hulahoop contest and dance off with the kids. Lots of fun...but exhausting. Saturday after a VERY short night of sleep for some of us...we had breakfast, then played softball...then lunch...then water balloon toss...then swimming pool...then family pictures....then dinner....then more slide show...auction...and trivia. We didn't head back to the camper until midnight. LONG day!! Sunday we had breakfast, then worship and devotional....then lunch and goodbyes.

It was long...but fun! The camp had hotel like places to stay, cabins, and RV hookups. This year we stayed with my dad in his RV...and brought our tent for the boys. Friday night was the only night the boys stayed in the tent because it rained Saturday night. So the RV was good and packed Saturday night.

Here is a picture of Charlotte and Gene Gerig! Charlotte has an AWESOME resaurant and store in Beaver Crossing, NE if you are ever in the area!!!!! Charlotte is my dad's first cousin. Here is Kurt, my second cousin and Major. I grew up with Kurt in Arizona...well...he is 8 years older than me...but I still kinda grew up with him!

Even during reunions, kids can STILL get time outs!!! Yup...MaKenna and Major had a BIT too much sugar I am afraid!!!
We had our auction which yielded a little over $1,000 for the next reunion!! Yippee! Here is Jake Hostetler...he is a childhood friend of my dad and his brothers! AND a REAL acutioneer...which made the auction THAT much more fun!! If you could understand him!
Major and Brooke...getting into mischief??
Here is my second cousin's wife Betty and their son Daryl. Mitch and Betty have an awesom story. They currently have 6 children that they have adopted via foster care. They STILL have foster kids come and go from their house, but their 6 children they have all adopted after they had had them in their home for foster care for awhile. Daryl is special. He was perfectly normal when born, but sadly at just 3 months old and 5 pounds (he was a bit premature...3 pounds at birth), he was shaken. This is the result of that Shaken Baby Syndrome. Daryl is SUCH a sweet boy though...he has a HUGE smile!! He is blind...but can hear very well, and can recognize voices.

Here is MY immediate family. This is the Roy Stutzman family (at least those who could attend). We're a pretty big group! Most of this group came in from Arizona and Oregon.
Here is the Mabel Stutzman Beckler family. This group had people come in from Alabama and Colorado.

Here is the Clarence Stutzman group....they had people come in from Arizona.

Here is Jeff, Major and MaKenna...waiting for pictures to end on this SWELTERING Nebraska day!

Here are a bunch of us at the pool. Rhonda has MaKenna and Mike has Brooke!

Here we are going on the Hayrack ride! Here is Jake, Ivan and Jeff.

Dad and Major.


Brooke, MaKenna, Dottie and Elden. MaKenna was attached at the hip to Aunt Dottie!

Ivan, Kayla and Major.

Dad...acting silly...what's new?
Rhonda...a true diva...

Practicing for the hula hoop contest...Brooke, MaKenna and Aunt Dottie.
Cam playing horseshoes...watch out Uncle Brandyn...Cam is getting pretty good!!!!

Shane and Shannon playing against Cam.
Just FYI...the Stutzman brothers and sister, Shane, Shannon, Kerri and Kurt are avid bicycle riders. They are riding across the country next year to raise money for Parkinson's as my second cousin Jerry (their dad) is battling this disease. If you are interested in learning more or donating, check out their site at http://popsride.com/parkinsons/. Cam, Shawn and Jeff watching.


Cam and Major burying Cam in the rocks at the park.

Major at the RV.

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