Sunday, June 13, 2010

Moving reviews and giveaway to another blog!

Hi friends!! I am moving my reviews and giveaways to another blog as to not clutter up the "family" blog! I want the out of state family to be able to see their grandkids, niece and nephews growing up without other things getting in their way! So...if you are interested in reviews and giveaways...which hopefully there will be much more of soon...then head over to my new blog! PLEASE be sure to follow that blog as well and subscribe to it also. The more followers and subscribers I have, the better luck I will have at getting more reviews and giveaways for you!!! AND...if you are coming to see if I have your button on my blog...don't worry...I STILL have your was just moved to my new blog. Make sure you all go and follow and subscribe pronto...before you forget!

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