Wednesday, June 9, 2010

MaKenna...back to figure skating...

So MaKenna took a couple months break from Figure Skating...but as of this past Monday, she is back!!! She had a great time...but for some reason she has started this nervous habit of biting her glove while she skates. I don't know why that has developed all of a sudden...but it has. This is what Major did most of the time, while the boys played football in the lobby. Jeff was golfing that day with my dad and a couple guys from church. Poor Major was loved on by this woman who also has a son in the figure skating class....she was not shy about anything. She told me she also had a 27 year old son....she said, "If anyone tells you you can't get pregnant the first time you have sex, they're wrong." Gee...ya think? I didn't even know this woman...she didn't have to go into goodness!!!

Here she is again...she did a fantastic job!!!!

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