Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Field Day

A couple weeks ago we had field day at the boys' school. I had signed up to help...NOT thinking about Major and his drama that often accompanies him.

I have no pictures because dad was out of town...therefore I couldn't borrow his camera. Yes...I STILL don't have a camera. Soon maybe??? I hope....

The day started as we walked to the park to have lunch and play with Jake and his 3rd grade class. That was fun! We were there for 2 hours though and it got MIGHTY hot. We walked back to the school with the 3rd grade and then sat in their classroom and watched the end of Toy Story 2 with them. It was then time for Field Day.

I was assigned to the Lawn Darts (the darts were harm). We had fun...I had Major in his stroller with Skittles...I figured that would last awhile. BUT...when the Skittles were out!! Luckily I had two other adults assigned to Lawn Darts as well. Major got out of his stroller and started hucking the lawn darts around. He has QUITE the strong arm...but his aim is pathetic. I apologize to those who got hit in the head that day if you are reading this. Soon the other adults came over and said, "Gee...if you need to leave...go ahead." Yeah...I bet you wanted me (Major) gone!! So, then we just walked around. Cam is always so sweet with his little sister. He let her tag along with him and his friends and do all of the different booths with him. He even raced her in the big bouncy obstacle course. After we had been there a couple hours though, we decided to walk home. The sun was hot, and we had been out in it for the last 4 hours. I could tell I was burning...even though I applied several back was applied by my daughter....and apparently she didn't do a great job. The kids were all burn free though, and that is the important part! One more field day down!! We had a great time!!

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