Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Graduation Party

Last weekend was Cam's 5th grade graduation party and MaKenna's preschool graduation party! We had a great time! Lots of family, friends and neighbors joined us! Presents weren't necessary, but should they be like Deana and HAVE to bring something, they could bring school supplies! So...we actually got quite a few school supplies that we won't have to go buy later!! Great idea Tonya!! :-) They ONLY get graduation parties for milestones. MaKenna will be going to real school for the first time next year, and Cam will be going to middle school for the first time. Then we will do parties for 8th grade graduation and 12th grade graduation. Anyway...here are some pictures! We ate yummy burgers and hot dogs and had a great dessert made by Emily...and fantastic fruit brought by Allyson! We had a terrific time!!!
After the party two of Cam's friends stayed the night....here is a picture of the group...Cam, Cannon, Peyton and Jake. And yes...we all went to church the next day too!!!

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