Wednesday, June 9, 2010

5th grade graduation

Okay...these pics are out of order because blogger is giving me grief. Sorry. So...I will just tell the story, then let you take a peak at the pictures. Sound good???
So, the last day of school was last Wednesday. It was a half day....they were both VERY excited!! I was too...but kinda sad at the same time. See...Cam will no longer be in elementary school...he is moving on to middle school next year. They do things different here in Omaha....Middle school is 6th, 7th and 8th grade. Anyway...I honestly think I am having a harder time sending Cam to middle school than I am sending MaKenna to kindergarten!!! Yikes!! Anyway....the school had called the day before and wanted us all to be outside waiting for the kids to make their final exit from elementary school. So at 11:30, MaKenna, Major, dad and I walked up to the school. It was neat to see all these parents lining the walkway. The school had a speaker outside we could hear everything, and at 11:45 the principle, Mrs. Beckwith, got on the PA and gave a speech about how this is the final walk for the 5th graders through these halls. At that point, the 5th graders all walked around the school which was lined with all the other grades and gave high fives to everyone. By this point there was great need for kleenix's out in the parent area. I am NOT a softie...but behind my sunglasses...there were definite alligator tears. Dad turned to me at one time and said, "Are you crying?" Yes...yes...I was indeed crying. I know...pathetic. Anyway....then the 5th graders all lined up in the entryway by the front doors. Mrs. Beckwith then talked about their final exit again and their new "walk" to Anderson Middle School. With that the song, "Let's get ready to rumble" came on and out ran the Anderson Wolverine (Anderson's mascot). Major thought it was neat...MaKenna...not so much. She is scared of "people inside animals" as she calls them. Next came the kids...RUNNING out...Cam had his arms outstretched in the number 1 position. He was smiling from ear to ear. HE is ready for his next step in life...I am NOT ready for his next step in life...but I guess the world still turns....and it is going to happen whether or not I like it.Cam in the yellow shirt.

Cam and his best bud Cannon.

Here comes Jake after the rest of the school was dismissed.

My first born.....

I tried to spike his hair that looked cute for awhile...but the humidity did a number on it....

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