Thursday, September 11, 2008

What is Sleep?

Sleep: to take the rest afforded by a suspension of voluntary bodily functions and the natural suspension, complete or partial, of consciousness; cease being awake.

Now that I have the definition of sleep...I can say...without ANY doubt at all...that "sleep" is non-existent for least for the last couple of days.

Emily...if you are reading this...YES...Okay?? were right....and I KNEW you were right at the time...but my lack of sleep a few months ago was so bad...that I didn't care if Major was in my bed and if he ate every couple of hours through the night. Now...I care...and now...I suffer. Ugh.

So...Major has been sleeping in his crib more...praise God! BUT...for some odd reason, he seems to think that he needs to eat every couple hours through the night. He doesn't eat every couple of hours during the day, he most CERTAINLY does NOT need to eat every couple of hours during the night. So...I have been putting my foot down. I put him to his crib...around 8:30 or 9. If he wakes up at 11, I am usually still awake reading or something, so I will feed him one last time and put him BACK in his crib....typically. I have been very busy and very tired lately, so that 11 feeding has resulted in him staying in bed with me because I fall asleep feeding him. He then wakes up at 1 or 2 to eat again. Nope! Ain't gonna happen! I NEED him to know that he doesn't need to eat every couple hours at night! He is 9 months old for pete's sake! a result of putting my foot down, he cries...and cries...and cries...and cries...and throws temper tantrums. He will sit up in bed and then THROW himself back on the pillows just screaming and screaming. Binki's don't work, snuggling doesn't work...he wants the boob!! BUT I AIN'T GIVING IN! Those of you who know me well enough, KNOW that I am as stubborn as a horse when the situation warrants. So, at 4 am, I gave up and put him in his crib...I told Jeff to sleep on the floor near his crib to see if that would help him go back to sleep. Nope...didn't work. At 5 I decided he had waited long enough and I gave in and fed him. He then slept...FINALLY! Ugh!! What am I to do???? He is more stubborn then the other three ever were. Of course I didn't let it go this long with the other kids either. I know...TOTALLY my fault...and I am paying for it now. Laugh if you need to...say I told you so if you need to...just FIX THIS!!!! (*YAWN*)

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