Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I've STILL got it!!!

Soooo....yesterday, to save money on the environment...and, get some much needed exercise, after walking the boys home from school, I decided to push it a bit further and we walked up to Super Saver for a few needed items. This walking thing has done great things for my bod since having baby. Not REALLY great things, because I am still unable...and unwilling to let go of my current diet...but walking has helped me lose a few pounds every couple of weeks that have managed to stay off. Anyway, that is beside the point...the point is....on the way home, we happened to be walking by Millard South High School when they were getting out (elementary schools get out at 2 on Wednesdays...high schools get out at normal time). All I can say STILL got it! Yup...that's right...them little high school boys still think that I have what it takes to be whistled at, honked at and yelled at. Now....I don't know what they were yelling...for all know they were yelling, "Hey fatty", but to be honest with you...I DIDN'T care....I'll just go on thinking they were saying, "Hey hot mama!" And MAYBE...just MAYBE they were!! :-) The best thing? I was pushing a double stroller and had two little boys ahead of me on scooters!! That's right...and I STILL got it!!! Right?? We'll just say, "RIGHT!" :-) I was wearing some workout pants and a form fitting Tee that Father In Law Jerry bought me at Cabella's when he was visiting...thank you...maybe it was simply my current "milk buckets" that caught the attention of the little high school boys...I don't care what it was...but I caught their attention and I feel MUCH better about myself now! Thank you to all the young men going through puberty! :-)

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