Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sleep update AND another round of antibiotics

Thank you to whoever must have prayed that I would get sleep! The following guess that would be Thursday night, Major slept from 10 pm until about 5 am!! I didn't sleep that long because I was expecting him to wake up at I waited until 11:30...but STILL...that is more sleep then I WAS getting!! I was VERY THRILLED! BUTTTTT......

Last night he woke up at 2:30 with a fever of 102. He had a rough rest of the night. I got up at 8 after a very rough night with him, and then Jeff showered, I fed MaKenna and I went back to bed around 9. Jeff stayed up with him and I slept until noon. It was VERY nice to get that extra little sleep. Throughout the day, Major's fever went from 99 after meds, to 103. When it finally hit 103.3, I said, enough is enough and I took him to urgent care. He has another ear infection! Same ear. Ugh. Soo...another round of antibiotics. And....he is on the same antibiotics that causes 3 clothing changes a day (diarrhea). I started him on it around 6 pm...and I have already had to change his clothes once. Fun, fun, fun!!! I am sure you will read more "For the love of poop" stories over the next 7 days! :-) we go again!!!!!

I also spent part of the evening last night with MaKenna at the hospital. Not to worry...I had just called the doctor Friday morning to tell him that she still has a terrible cough. He wanted x-rays of her chest and sinuses. I had to wait for Jeff to get home, so I had to go through the ER...and they are always so slow. When they took the films, her chest and her sinuses both looked I don't think there is any reason to worry there. She just has this cough that won't let go. Poor baby. other poor baby is starting to cry...I mean, after all...I just laid him in his crib 10 minutes ago...gee...he made it 5 minutes more than I thought he would! :-)

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