Friday, January 25, 2013

Summer 2012

So one of our summer days...or was it Spring Break?  I don't remember....we'll just say at some point between March and July, I took all of the kids and we headed to Lincoln.  I have always wanted to go to the Lincoln's Childrens Museum, but we never made it....this time was going to be different!  We took a day and did several things in Lincoln.  Here are the pictures from the museum...which I would HIGHLY recommend.  Nothing against the Omaha Children's Museum...but the Lincoln Museum was fun for ALL of my kids' ages!

Here is MaKenna learning about the "old fashioned" cord phone!

 Major and MaKenna learning to drive the postal truck.
 Who wouldn't want to ride the police motorcycle.
 Fireman Jake

 Mommy had to get a piece of the action too!
 Playing Nebraska Volleyball.

 Playing Nebraska Football.
 A tribute to Papa....learning to drive the big rig!

 Cam playing in the Prairie Dog Enclosure.

 Cam AS a prairie dog.

 Astronaut Major
 Riding in the Moon lander.
 Major standing near the Capital Building!

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