Friday, January 25, 2013

May 2012 that my DR posts are done, I can back up and get up to date on the rest of our family happenings!  So...I think we left off in May or somewhere close to there.  So...this is just where I am going to start.

After hockey season ended...we moved into Spring...also known as Lacrosse season!  This was the third season for the boys, but the first for MaKenna.  She was thrilled to play and she did a fantastic job!  She is really quite athletically talented!

We also had to say goodbye to two of our closest friends.  So close, that we call them family.  Christine (Tini) and Matt Rukasin.  I am sure throughout the years you have heard me talk about them before!  Tini graduated from Creighton Medical School and accepted an internship in San Diego.  They were happy to get back closer to home (Tucson/Flagstaff), but also back to the warmer climate!

Major is excited to start Lacrosse too...but he needs to wait.....

The Rukasin's will be VERY missed....the kids think of them as aunt and uncle...but we keep in touch...and we will see eachother as often as we can!!

Also in May is Memorial Day.  I go to Blue Mound Cemetery in Milford, Nebraska every year for the Memorial Day celebration and to "visit" mom.  This year MaKenna and Major went with me.  Here they are with "mom" and all of her pretty flowers.
This is either my uncle's flag or my grandpas flag.  When veterans die, they give the flags to their families.  The families then have the option of donating the flag to the cemetery or keeping it.  My aunt and grandma chose to donate it to the cemetery so that every Memorial Day they fly high....their names are on the side of the flags as well.
Here is Major and MaKenna with my grandma and grandpa.
It was a good May!!!

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