Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day #9, August 4th, Saturday

We got to sleep in a little, we had our morning worship and alone time with God, then we finished our packing and cleaning and got on the bus.  We were told by Miguel that there was a tropical storm, Ernesto, making its way to the island and possibly strengthening into a hurricane.  It was already raining buckets in Santo Domingo.  Apparently the airport was even closed.  We were supposed to have a beach day...if that was still going to happen we needed to get there fast.  The next two hours we drove and I sat next to Karen and we looked at pictures on my iPad.  Not a idea the way the Domincans drive.  By the the time we got to the beach, I was very sick.  We changed and got in the water right away.  It was the same beach that we stopped at least year, but this time we got to swim.  The water was PERFECT!!  It was very salty though.  Us ladies were treading water and we didn't even realize how far out we went, it was so easy to tread water because all the salt helped us float!  We went back in and played some olympic swimming games (since the olympics started while we were in the DR), then some frisbee games, then it started POURING!  We were swimming in a tropical storm!  Then we did "Singing in the Rain."  The Dominicans probably thought we were crazy!  I started feeling even sicker, so I got out and changed.  Soon our food came, the normal La Bandera.  Also COLD water to drink!  It was glorious.  Then we had alone time with God.  Some walked along the beach, some sat on rocks.  When I was done, I started walking up and down the beach.  Jennifer Oliver joined me.  She game me a lot of helpful insight into hearing the voice of God, etc.  Her and Karen have been instrumental in my decision to join BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) this fall. I've always wanted to do a bible study but since I work at my bible study, I've never been able to DO a bible study.  I am really looking forward to it!  Soon we were back on the road towards the eye of the Hurricane.  It got much worse!  We got our rooms at the Catholic Retreat. It was the same place we stayed at the 1st night we were there LAST year.  We ate dinner and then had a debrief time with Miguel where he told his story, etc.  Then we had break-out time.  All of us women did prayer together.  Then we played games.  I enjoyed a new one called BS.  I won it ALL the time.  Apparently I am a good BSer!  Then we went to Cam and my room with 4 other kids and Miguel and we played more games.  By 11:30 everyone was out and so were we.  We had to get up at 2:30 am to leave by 3 and catch our flights home.  

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