Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 10, August 5th, Sunday

We got up early, had a smooth drive to the airport.  The ocean was STILL raging from teh Tropical story/Huuricane.  The swells were ENORMOUS!  Check in was easy...but was a problem.  Of course everyone went before Cam and I, and I managed to be detained.  Everyone else had gone through, so I was on my own speaking Spanish...again.  Just when I thought I was off the hook!  :-)  I was thinking in Spanish when she said with a heavy accent, "Fill - e - mon?"  I couldn't think what Spanish word that she didn't think I knew my name, plus my passport photo was 20 pounds heavier and my hear was done as opposed to in a ponytail.  They tested me, my luggage, asked questions and finally ley me go.  We got to the gate just as the rest of the team was getting ready to board their flight.  Cam and I, Jen and Taylor Lempke were on a later flight.  We left about an hour and a half after them.  Everyone slept, I read because I was afraid if I fell asleep we'd miss the boarding call.  We boarded on time and heaed to Miami.  The rest of the team went to Miami then Chicago.  We went Miami to Dallas.  Our flight to Miami was a little late.  We had to run to customs.  We did see Dennis Rodman in customs though!  He was just as yucky looking in public as he is in pictures.  He and his entourage were not very nice either.  Then from Miami to Dallas.  We JUST made the flight.  They were shutting the doors.  We grabbed a quick and VERY expensive sandwich to go at a kiosk by thte gate adn RAN at full speed to the closing gate.  I sat next to a guy on this flight that thought we were Catholic missionaries beaue I told him we stayed at the Catholic Retreat Center last night  He started talking about how the Evangelicals were taking over the DR and he wasn't happy.  I then had to explain that I was not Catholic and indeed Evangelical.  AWKWARD!!!!!  We had a 4 hour layover in Dallas.  Jen and Tayler went out to eat with a friend who met them at the airport.  Cam and I read, played cards and shopped.  The flight from Dallas was great.  Jeff was there with flowers and treats as well as John adn Nate.  I was surpirsed at home with new curtains and a newly painted walls in our living room!  It was great!  We had a spectacular time!  I am so happy we went again!  I hope we can go next year too!

What God has taught me on this trip:
1)  God answers prayers (health, injury, rain)
2)  God has love for EVERYONE
3)  Gods provision for us, the neighbor girls, the people, etc.
4)  Gods hedge of protection

 If you look closely, you can see Dennis Rodham in the back....tall guy...Cam took this...his hand was shaky....he was afraid someone would beat him up!  :-)

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