Friday, January 11, 2013

Day #5, July 31st, Tuesday

We woke up at 6:45 again.  Breakfast was eggs.  We headed out to do more planting and home visits.  Only about three men stayed behind to plant, the rest of us split up to visit homes.  Jenn and I decided to go back to the two abuelas' houses.  At the first house we sat and visited for about thirty minutes.  Then her grandson came out with terrible sores on his feet.  He had stepped on hot coals last week.  Wayne was in my group today, and he also used to be a nurse.  So we both took over after we asked his mother for permission.  We cleaned it and put antibiotic cream on it.  Then we put band aids on it and wrapped his foot.  We told them we'd be back tomorrow to check on him.  Grandma's son in law is a pastor.  We enjoyed speaking with them.  

Then we went to abuela #2's house...her name was Norma...the first one was Michelina.  Norma is 81 years old and has 9 children.  5 girls and 4 boys.  She is a gem of a woman.  Her husband died sixteen years ago, but before he died they had been married 40 years.  She still wears her wedding ring.  When we got there, they were shucking peas, so we gave it a try too and helped them.  It was really interesting.  I have never shucked peas before.  Then her neighbor got guava out of a tree for me.  I went with the daughter to wash them off and she took her shoes off before entering.  So I naturally, did too.  I walked in behind her and she saw my bare feet and she had a bit of a hissy fit.  She said I had to be more careful and to put my shoes back on.  I said, "but yours are off." she said that was fine, but I need to keep mine on.  I put them back on and she let me wash the guava with her.  Her dad said that Americans had built their house.  Later I found out from Miguel that they feel like they are being bad hosts if their guest takes their shoes off, and they think that our feet are too tender to not have shoes on.   Different culture I guess.  Anyway, the mother of the daughter was in San Juan working, but they showed me a picture of her!  Then another neighbor (they all congregate  at Abuelas area), showed us the mimosa tree, the avocado tree ( and even gave us some juicy ones), the spice trees, orange trees and more.  It was quite the learning experience.  They told us how to raise them, when they are ready to be picked, etc.  it just amazes me how God is always providing.  He makes sure they are fed, even if they have no money....they have those trees that will give them food.  Then they gave us guava ice cream.  It looked like a Popsicle.  They make it themselves.  It tastes just like guava...NASTY!  I did have some of it and a piece of guava to be polite, but YUCK!  

Cam was so proud of himself, he caught a baby rooster....FINALLY!  But...with help from a 5 year old!  He could not get the rooster and the 5 year old just ran over there and plucked it right up and handed it to him!  He was amazed!  Cam has also been thrilled with all the lizards!  he tries to catch one almost daily.  They did catch a baby and put it in a box....but it got out.  Not before they caught him by the tail though and about a half inch of the tail broke off and it was still wiggling...the tail!!!  YUCK!  We had a really great time getting to know Abuela and her family.  We prayed with them before we left but we stayed with them at least an hour, maybe more.  We headed back to the church and they were still planting, so I decided to get dirty and helped them plant too!  Milagro was in charge and I got to know him a little bit.  Soon we left for lunch.  As is usual, we had lunch, then chores, then siesta time.  I played a litlte hacky sack and got my first 2 people out!  I was so excited!  At 4 we returned to Hautico for VBS.  They were still needing to finish planting, so I helped there a little again, then played with the kids.  After story and craft we headed back.  I felt a little more of a connection with the kids this time.  It's getting there, the connection just doesn't seem as immediate as it was at Cerros de Mogollon.  It had rained FINALLY while I was taking my siesta.  The people were so grateful for the rain, they kept saying that we brought the rain and we told them that God brought the rain.  They agreed but still said it was us.  They are very superstitious here.  We were supposed to go to the San Juan church service but it started raining again (Glori a Dios), so since it is an outside service, they cancelled.  Instead we showered, debriefed and played games.  We had to have Mark come up at midnight and kill a 3 inch roach in our room!  Fun times!!!

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